Seeber Captures Season Opener at Volusia

Intro & Thank You

To start, I want to thank each driver who showed up and put on a great show. Awesome racing throughout and this league will continue to grow with quality people such as yourselves. For race #1 at Volusia, 19 drivers from 9 different iRacing clubs across the USA joined us!

Additionally, I want to apologize for the broadcast. ESBN appeared to have some technical difficulties but I am confident they will get it worked out for next week.


Times were tight throughout the field for qualifying, with the top 4 drivers all within 0.1s of each other on open setups. Cody Seeber would set the pace with a 16.140s lap.

Heat Races

There were two heat races for the event. With 19 drivers, all drivers were guaranteed a starting spot in the feature, but at a track like Volusia starting position would play a key role in success. This put a strong emphasis on the heat races while the track was fresh.

Heat 1: Winner Robert Schaeffer

Cody Seeber would start on point, but the lead would quickly go to Nicholas Wetherbee. After a single caution, Wetherbee and Schaeffer would battle it out with Robert coming out on top.

Heat 2: Winner Jonathan Coombs

There was no doubt left on the track in heat #2. Jonathan Coombs would lead flag to flag. The race was also slowed one time for a caution.

Feature Event

Despite winning his heat, Robert Schaeffer would start end of line, moving Nicholas Wetherbee to the front row with Jonathan Coombs. The 40 lap feature saw strong battles all the way throughout the field. Slowed 8 times by caution early on, the field settled down and began to get a feel for each other’s driving style.

As the race progressed and the track began to slick off, it became apparent that the win would come down to Seeber, Schaeffer and Coombs. Hard but clean racing between the three put on an entertaining show, but in the end it was Cody Seeber coming out with the win in the very first Dirt Championship eSports Late Model event.

Fast time of the race: Nicholas Wetherbee at 16.342s

Join us next week as the series heads to USA Dirt on Sunday night!

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